Litter. Well done (almost) everyone!

Today we undertook a litter-picking exercise walk around the park, taking in the Greenway walk to Gurnell. We armed ourselves at the start with two litter pickers and (optimistically) just ONE collection bag.

Well, that optimism was justified! Mind you, it is only the start of a weekend, and we will revisit monday morning. But after 4 km, we had not quite filled the bag! In fact, 100m short of the end of our walk it was still quite empty, but the basket-ball court filled it up rapidly. So, that community of park users does not quite get a gold star for litter avoidance, having left behind a large number of plastic bottles and other rubbish after their own exercise. We have to say that the tennis players were much better, but there were still a few bottles on those courts as well.

If just two (RED) people on their exercise walk can rid the park of much of the unsightly stuff, then imagine if more people did this more regularly. Of course, we appreciate that the spurt in growth of grasses and other plants has actually hidden a lot of litter, which only becomes visible in the winter. Out of sight but not quite out of mind.

To put our one bag into context, the “Greenwayers” (part of whose patch we cleared today!) can on occasion gather 60 bags from the river Brent! So it has to be a well done to everyone who has visited the park in the last few days.

And we also salute amey (who provided the bag you can see above). Their own people in fact pick up vast amounts of rubbish on their own collection rounds and they really do make the park better for everyone. Thank you!

RED. Hence RedGreen group in the park.

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  1. I have heard that a pilot project will deploy Kingdom officers in six Ealing parks to issue littering fines. These parks are Northala fields, Walpole, Lammas, Acton and Southall parks, Spikesbridge and Ealing common. One could conclude that these are perhaps considered the worst offenders? If that is correct, we should be glad that Perivale park is not on the list!

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