Heron returns to Perivale Park

The annual Heron has returned to the field between Betham Rd and Coston Brook. This is a regular harbinger of spring who turns up to eat up as many of the new tadpoles as he can. A couple of years ago he bought a friend but on his own this year. With all the new ponds hopefully we will see more Herons in other parts of the park.

4 Replies to “Heron returns to Perivale Park”

  1. I remember once walking along the footpath near Little Britain Lake ( 7 Packet Boat Ln, Uxbridge UB8 2JT) and seeing all of about 6-8 herons there. Anyone know what such a herd of herons is called?

  2. Ros has just sent me a photo showing what that heron was after. Lots of frog spawn in our frog pond. We can only wonder whether the other, newer, ponds in the park will similarly have their own tadpoles. Or indeed whether any will eventually have fish.

  3. Spotted a pair of Herons on the river Brent today, a little bit south of Perivale park; they were being attacked by a crow! Sensibly they flew off in different directions and we managed to capture a photo of one of them.

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