Bulbs for London – in Perivale Park.

The Metropolitan Public Gardens Association is a long established charity that runs an annual Bulbs for  London program. This year, as a newly formed  Friends group (of Perivale Park)  we applied for bulbs and were delighted to hear that our application was successful. The box arrived a day or so ago:

These will shortly be planted in the park, to top-up last year’s inaugural planting. Also, we have learnt a little from last years mass planting. Four different bulb planters were purchased for that occasion. The soil was sufficiently hard to break two of them almost immediately and it was far too hard work using the other two. This year, these will be abandoned for heavy (~10 kg) metal spikes, which can produce a bulb-sized hole in about 10 seconds ready for a  planter to drop the bulb and compact it in.

The location will be the same as that last year and the area can be viewed here on Google maps. The original planting plan can be seen quite clearly in the photo above.

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