53 Bags of rubbish!

The Greenford to Gurnell Greenwayers had a fun day today, removing all sorts of rubbish from the  River  Brent. This included one large butane tank (at least 25 Kg), a modern rental bike which was lurking there and 53 bags of very smelly rubbish. This was a canoe job, dislodging items which had become trapped behind a fallen tree and for waders, who were downstream waiting to catch them. Others cleaned the banks. Photos of these heroes are below.

We also made contact with the folks who created the Hanwell and Norwood Green Orchard trail (see their site at orchardtrail.wordpress.com). In a few months, they will be able to extend their trail to include the Perivale Park orchard!

Postscript. Here are some photos sent to me by Richard (the chap in the canoe!!)

2 Replies to “53 Bags of rubbish!”

  1. What a lovely (though smelly) afternoon we had. It was a pleasure to meet so many like-minded people. And thanks for the shout-out…. Feel free to contact me if you want a guided tour of the orchard trail with your group.

  2. Absolutely brilliant work! It’s always hugely inspiring to see the amazing work and camaraderie with the transformation of degraded river reaches. Removing the litter from newly opened up sections of river is paving the way towards more river habitat enhancement activities .. benefiting the fish and eels that will soon be helped over the Costons weir later in 2019 and other river wildlife too!

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