An update on the Friends of Perivale Park.

Following a public meeting on 4th November, it was agreed to form a Friends of the Park committee. This committee met on 25th November and elected the following officers;

  1. Chair, Henry Rzepa
  2. Vice-chair, Carmel Cahill
  3. Ross Bryar, treasurer
  4. Barbara Grummett, secretary

A draft constitution has been prepared for discussion and agreement at the next meeting on 24 February, 2020. Three more immediate actions were agreed:

  • The locations of twelve outdoor exercise machines to  be placed in the park by Ealing Parks were discussed. The main location for six machines is hoped to be near to the tennis courts, in the hopefully less windy meadow behind the cricket pavilion.
  • An application for bulbs for the park has been made, and now we learn has been successful. The bulbs will be planted shortly.
  • Tickets have been reserved for an event organised by the South West London Environmental Network on 21 January, 2020, on the theme of “Thriving Friends: Better Parks”.

As the activities of the  Friends group develop, we hope that many exciting projects and events will be announced. To contact the group, email to friends(at) or contact us below:

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